Our Operation

It takes a broad team of people to keep things moving.

Our main divisions – transport, aggregates, stockfood, civil, storage & logistics – are supported centrally by dispatch, administration, workshop and engineering groups based in Matamata, New Zealand.

At J.Swap, our operation stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We have successfully developed a comprehensive, integrated business model that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.



At J.Swap, we understand the importance of maintaining a highly efficient and operational fleet.

Our heavy machinery workshop specifically designed to cater to our civil and quarry equipment. This facility is where we keep our crucial machinery in top condition, extending its operational life and ensuring consistent performance across our construction and quarrying projects.

To support these workshops, we maintain an extensive parts warehouse. This facility houses a vast inventory of quality parts and components, allowing us to quickly address any repair or maintenance needs. 

Our highly trained staff are the backbone of our service and maintenance operation. They are not only involved in routine servicing but also specialise in rebuilding our plant equipment within our facilities. Their expertise and commitment to quality ensure our machinery and fleet continue to perform at their best, supporting the overall success of our operations.


Efficient management and allocation of resources are crucial to the smooth operation of J.Swap.

Overseeing this vital aspect of our business is a team of experienced dispatchers and key personnel across our civil, storage, and logistics departments. This dedicated team serves as the dynamic heart of our operation, allocating resources across our diverse range of services and projects.

Our resource management team is responsible for provisioning resources for a multitude of operations. This includes civil work, concrete plants, stock food delivery, forestry construction, and shipping logistics.

In addition to managing our own resources, our team also coordinates the involvement of subcontractors and other elements of our supply chain. This requires careful scheduling and communication to ensure all parts of our projects align seamlessly. The successful coordination of these various components is paramount to the timely and successful completion of our projects.



At J.Swap, we’re not just solution seekers, we’re solution creators.

Equipped with a highly skilled team and cutting-edge tools, we are fully capable of building and fabricating bespoke equipment ourselves. Our operations encompass ten quarries, each with a fixed plant that demands ongoing upkeep to ensure optimal performance.

The task of maintaining the fixed plant at our quarries is an intricate process, but it’s a challenge we relish. It allows us to continually refine our processes, extend the lifespan of our equipment, and reinforce the reliability of our services.

At J.Swap, we pride ourselves on being proactive problem-solvers. Our ability to fabricate custom solutions and manage the upkeep of our extensive operations is a testament to our dedication to excellence. We continuously strive to meet every challenge head-on, and in doing so, consistently elevate the standard of our services.




The scale and diversity of our operations necessitate a comprehensive system of organisation and support.

This is where our multi-disciplinary administration team comes in. Their role, although often behind the scenes, is pivotal to the smooth functioning of our business and the successful execution of our projects.

Our administration team is often the first point of contact for our clients and partners, providing prompt and professional responses to all inquiries. Our administration team also provides critical support to our people in the field.

Our administration team at J.Swap is truly the backbone of our organisation. Their expertise in managing details, providing customer service, and supporting field operations ensures that our work runs smoothly and efficiently.