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We’re here to redefine your project experiences.

Welcome to J.Swap, where expertise meets experience and passion powers performance.

As a leading New Zealand-based company with a multi-generational legacy, we offer a wide range of services spanning civil construction, aggregate supply, bulk cartage, storage and distribution, traffic management, and forestry construction.

Our expansive service range is a testament to our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs.

Whether you require farm development, earthworks, roading, subdivisions, forestry access roads, traffic management, or storage and distribution, we’re equipped to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your project’s unique specifications.

J.Swap is a trusted name in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and central regions, owing to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and safety. Our vertically integrated approach, bolstered by our owned plant and a dedicated team across our Aggregate, Transport and Traffic Services divisions, ensures a streamlined and cost-effective operation.

But at the heart of our operation is our team – a group of dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals who are the driving force behind our success. At J.Swap, we believe in nurturing talent, fostering a conducive work environment, and investing in our people.

Our commitment extends beyond business. As a family-run company, we understand the importance of giving back. We’re proud of our strong ties to the community and continuously strive to support local groups and events, further strengthening our bond with the regions we service.