At Jswap, our Civil Division offers a comprehensive range of services, designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of needs.

From farm development and roading, to earthworks, subdivisions, civil development, forestry access roads, and skid sites, we’ve honed our expertise to deliver exceptional results across these various sectors.

Servicing the greater Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and central regions, we’re committed to providing reliable and high-quality services across a broad geographical scope.

We do farm development, roading, earthworks, subdivisions, civil development, forestry access roads and skid sites.

With a wide range of services, an expansive service area, and a highly collaborative internal supply chain, we’re equipped to tackle any project, no matter how complex.

Farm Development

Our Farm Development services involves the strategic planning and execution of projects aimed at optimising the productivity of farming land.

Whether it’s irrigation installation, drainage system setup, or field levelling, our team delivers top-notch solutions that enhance the agricultural potential of the land.

Roading and Earthworks

Our roading and earthworks services encompass the design, construction, and maintenance of road networks, as well as large-scale groundworks like excavations, grading, and site preparations.

Whether it’s for a rural route or a complex highway system, we ensure the roads we build are safe, durable, and efficient.

Civil Development

The expertise of our Civil Division extends to the creation of subdivisions and civil development projects.

We meticulously plan and implement every aspect of these developments. One of the unique aspects of our Civil Division is the internal support we receive from our Aggregate, Transport, and Traffic Services divisions.

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