Forestry Construction

At J.Swap, we have a rich history in forestry construction spanning over a decade.

In this time, we have become experts in building forestry access roads, a critical component in ensuring the productivity and safety of forestry operations. Serving the greater Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and central regions, we have established a robust presence and an enviable reputation in the forestry sector.

Forestry construction involves the development and maintenance of infrastructure within forest areas to facilitate timber harvesting, forest management, and access for forestry workers and emergency services. 


For over 10 years we have been doing forestry construction, and building forestry access roads.

 We are proud to be part of a diverse business group committed to delivering excellence across a multitude of industries.

Forestry Construction

A crucial aspect of forestry construction is building and maintaining forestry access roads.

These roads are specifically designed to withstand heavy machinery and logging trucks, enabling them to transport timber from remote forest areas to mills and distribution centres.

Other aspects of forestry construction can include creating firebreaks, setting up drainage systems, and establishing platforms for logging equipment.

The goal of forestry construction is to enable efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible access and operations within forest areas. Forestry access roads are pivotal for transporting timber from forests to mills and for allowing forest workers and firefighting crews to access remote areas. 

Leveraging our decade-long experience, we construct forestry access roads that stand up to these demands, paving the way for efficient and safe forestry operations. One of the unique strengths of our forestry construction division is the internal supply chain we’ve established through our Aggregate and Transport divisions. This symbiotic relationship allows us to maintain tight control over the quality of materials we use and the efficiency of their delivery. 

At J.Swap, our Forestry Construction division is built on experience, integration, and ownership.

We are proud owners of our plant, which gives us greater flexibility and control over our operations. This not only reduces reliance on third-party providers but also allows us to promptly address any equipment-related issues that may arise. It further enhances our ability to deliver our services on time, without compromising on quality or safety.

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