Our Quarries
We’re all about bringing you the best in aggregate products, and our quarries each have their own unique story. From the rugged terrain of the South Island to the rolling hills of the North, get ready to discover the incredible variety of products we have on offer.

Whether you’re after finely crushed stone for that perfect landscaping project or robust aggregates for heavy-duty construction, our quarries have got you covered.

Mother Nature did her part, and we’ve refined it with our expertise. Let’s find the perfect match for your project!

Our Quarry Locations

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Matamata Metal Supplies

The site has been a quarry since 1958. We purchased Matamata Metal Supplies in conjunction with Waotu quarry in 1986. Both quarries had a great team of staff who all continued at the site when we took over, 4 of them still work for us today 32 years later. All of the...

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Osterns Quarry

Osterns was purchased in 1993. The site is an amalgamation of 3 quarries. Located beside the state highway it is probably our most recognized quarry. The sealing chip produced here is used on local roads and as far away as central Taranaki. [wpgmza id="2" marker="2"...

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Tauhara Quarry

We have owned since April 2012. The quarry itself is on the eastern side of the now dormant volcano Mt Tauhara. The summit of Mt Tauhara is 1088m above sea level which is roughly double the height of the Kaimai road summit. The base rock is dacite. In addition to...

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Tauranga Quarry

We purchased the quarry in 1984. There are two distinct parts to the quarry, as there were historically two separate quarries on the site. The upper quarry supplied 1 million tons of structural fill for the earthworks necessary to construct Tauranga’s PJK toll road....

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Waotu Quarry

Purchased as part of Matamata Metal Supplies in 1986. The quarry was established on the shore of lake Arapuni in 1957. In 2012 an entirely new multi-million dollar crushing plant was commissioned. Waotu supplied all the AP40 for the Taupo bypass. The Waikato river...

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Hyndmans Quarry

The site of a quarry since 1966, when we purchased the land and mining rights in 1986 this became third hard rock. The quarry produces a range of standard aggregates but from a seam of green coloured argillite the quarry crushes a farmers 40mm aggregate that has...

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Katikati Quarry

Katikati Quarry has been part of our business since 2001. The quarry was established on the site in 1968. The armour rock (riprap) used in the construction of the Sulphur Point marina development came from Katikati quarry. The base rock is a mix of high quality...

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Henderson Quarry

We have been owners since 2001 but the quarry itself dates back to before WW2. Mt Ngongataha is a collection of nine rhyolite domes, the quarry situated in the oldest. Much of the early construction work of the city of Rotorua was supplied by this quarry. The base...

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Awakeri Quarry

We took over ownership in 1996. The quarry was utilized extensively in the construction of the paper and board mills at Kawerau and Whakatane and their associated communities. The quarry is still connected to these industries’, supplying much of the aggregate used in...

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Taotaoroa Quarry

Our first hard rock quarry, we began operating in 1966. Taotaoroa is still our largest, and busiest quarry to date. There are two road entrances to the quarry one at the Cambridge end of Taotaoroa Rd at 722 and the other at the Matamata end of the road at 410...

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