Waotu Quarry

Purchased as part of Matamata Metal Supplies in 1986. The quarry was established on the shore of lake Arapuni in 1957. In 2012 an entirely new multi-million dollar crushing plant was commissioned. Waotu supplied all the AP40 for the Taupo bypass. The Waikato river trail runs behind the quarry and descends 250m from the top of the quarry down to the lake shore. The base rock is greywacke.

Health and Safety is our number one priority.

Speed limit of 30 Kph.
Minimum required PPE: High visibility clothing, steel cap boots and hard hat.
See notice board at entrance for details on radio communication with loader.

Quarry Address

408 Waotu S Rd, Waotu 3481, New Zealand

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Open 5 days a week from 6am till 5pm, Saturday 6am to 2pm.

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