Canola Meal

Canola seed is grown for its high oil content typically 40-42 percent. The seed is processed whole with about 95 percent of the oil removed. The resulting meal is a valuable source of protein, fibre and fat for the livestock industry. Canola Meal is slightly less palatable than other oilseed meals and usually will take a few days for dairy cattle to adjust to after introduction.

Product Standard Specification
MJ ME/Kg DM:11.5MJ
Dry Matter: 89%
Protein: 38%
Starch: 2%
NDF: 27%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

The benefit of Canola Meal are best when used as a balanced feed ration. Normally feeding rates for dairy cows are 0.5-2 kg per day. In grain mixes inclusion rates range from 10-30%. Canola Meal can be fed mixed with silage in the paddock or on the feed pad. It can also be fed via the grain feeding system in the dairy shed, by itself or mixed with other ingredients. Canola Meal is not suitable for ad-lib-feeding like Palm Kernel Meal.

Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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