Golden DDG

Product Description

Golden DDGS is a corn based product which is produced as a byproduct of the yeast fermentation of gain to ethanol. They are medium protein and high energy consisting of a grain fraction and whole stillage. For ruminants, this palatable, low-starch product offers a high level of bypass protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, and highly digestible fibre. The product is fumigated before it is landed in NZ to MPI Standards. The product may be derived from GMO corn.

Product Standard Specification


Dry Matter: 89%

Protein: 28%

Starch: 6%

NDF: 30%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

Golden DDG is suitable to feed during any stage of the farm cycle when protein is needed in the diet. Feeding Golden DDG to dairy cows is a viable option to increase milk solid production by providing supplemental rumen undegradable protein and energy. Store in a dry area to maintain quality. Moisture can cause growth of moulds and toxins. Precautions should be taken against rodents and birds. It can be mixed with silage and other feeds in paddock or on a feed pad. Due to its free flowing nature, it is able to be fed via a grain feeding system in the dairy shed.
Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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