Kibbled Maize

Product Description

Maize has the highest energy source of most of the cereals. It contains more oil than in wheat or barley; however, it is lower in protein compared to wheat. The seeds of maize are high in starch. The starch is slower to degrade on the rumen compared to wheat and barley due to being partially resistant (30%) to ruminal degradation, therefore crushing the maize makes it easier to get the goodness from the grain. Maize is very low in calcium.

Product Standard Specification

MJ ME/Kg DM:13.5MJ

Dry Matter: 89%

Protein: 8%

Starch: 73%

NDF: 14.5%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

Feeding rates can vary from 0.5 to 4kg per cow per day. If fed in conjunction with Palm Kernel it can be nearer the high end of this range. Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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