MineralBoost Plus

Product Description

MineralBoost Plus is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorous. When added to an animal’s diet, MineralBoost will maximise production and liveweight gain whilst also safe guarding against metabolic disorders.

Each and every granule of MineralBoost has the exact ratio of the materials required within the formulation. Granules are easy to measure and blend. Salt in each granule means its palatable for animals. Accuracy counts.

Phosphorus is a key element in energy transfer, as well as an important component of bones and teeth. It is a chemical in the body that has important biological functions such as a buffer for acid-base balance, helps with the production of energy, muscle contractions and is a major component of bone. Low levels in cows most commonly occur around calving and contribute to down cows.

Elemental Profile

Each 200gms contains:





Bioplex® High Five:5gms

Information as of December 2020, please see MineralBoost website for more information www.mineralboost.co.nz

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