MineralBoost Zinc

Product Description

MineralBoost Zinc has been specifically designed and registered as an Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicine (ACVM) for the prevention of facial eczema in cows.

MineralBoost Zinc is a rumen dispersible granule containing zinc oxide for the prevention of facial eczema. MineralBoost Zinc has the added benefits of calcium, magnesium and sodium, all key minerals for production, feed efficiency and heat stress commonly seen in dairy cows over the summer months.

The rumen dispersible granule is patented technology designed to exhibit the benefits of a granule during mixing and freight (less dust, less segregation, less waste), while dispersing into ultra-fine powder once inside the rumen ensuring best mineral uptake. MineralBoost Zinc is a very convenient and cost effective method of adding zinc to animal feed to prevent facial eczema.

Elemental Profile

Each 200gms contains:




Zinc:9.6gms (12gms zinc oxide)

Information as of December 2020, please see MineralBoost website for more information www.mineralboost.co.nz

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