Soy Bean Meal

Product Description

Protein supplements like soybean meal can be fed to balance out low protein pasture and/or supplements. Under these circumstances soybean meal stimulates production levels. Soybean meal contains around 50 percent protein of which 35 percent is rumen ungradable (“by-pass”) and 65 percent is rumen degradable. Soybean meal is rich in lysine, and of the common plant proteins used in animal feeds, soybean meal has highest percentage of essential amino acids (47.6 percent).

Product Standard Specification

MJ ME/Kg DM:12.5MJ

Dry Matter: 90%

Protein: 48%

Starch: 2%

NDF: 12.3%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

There is no maximum for the use of soybean meal in dairy rations, and can be fed to meet protein requirements. Normal feeding rates will be around 0.5-2kg per head per day. Soybean meal can be fed mixed with silage in the paddock or on the feed pad. It can also be fed via the grain feeding system in the dairy shed. Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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