Product Description

Tapioca is a high quality energy supplement, with a similar starch content to maize or wheat (65-70%), bust is low in protein and not as palatable. Therefore, Tapioca is a good feed for early lactation when there are high protein levels in pasture. Tapioca is well known for high energy and starch and less protein, fiber and ash content. This means it is a great balance with PKE which is typically low in starch. The content of minerals is very low. In cattle, Tapioca can be used as long as the protein content of the ratio is balanced. For calves around 15% can be fed, dairy cows 20 to 25% and up to 40% for fattening bulls. All Tapioca is sourced from approved MPI suppliers, meets MPI requirements and is certified GMO free.

Product Standard Specification

MJ ME/Kg DM:12.8MJ

Dry Matter: 88%

Protein: 3%

Starch: 50%

NDF: 12%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

Requirements will differ depending on current diet. As a guide, Tapioca should be introduced slowly to adult dairy cows at 500g per cow per day, increasing to a maximum of 4kg per cow per day.

NOTE: It is not recommended to feed Tapioca ad-lib. Due to high palatability and starch content in Tapioca there is a risk that cows will gorge and over feed. This could lead to acute rumen acidosis. Feed in a controlled manner

STORAGE: Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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