Wheat Bran Pellets

Product Description

A light coloured, well-constructed highly palatable pellet with typical wheaten odors, Wheat bran pellets are a source of starch and sugars for ruminant animals, the carbohydrates that are needed in the push for productions gains. It is the multi-purpose base feed which when fed strategically can achieve maintenance, growth and production in the ruminants. Wheat Bran Pellets are declared GMO Free.

Product Standard Specification

MJ ME/Kg DM:11.8MJ

Dry Matter: 89%

Protein: 15%

Starch: 20%

NDF: 35%

Feeding Recommendations and Storage

It is recommended that Wheat Bran Pellets be introduced into the diet gradually over a two week period. Recommended feeding rate for cattle is 0.5-1.0kg per day.
Store in a dry area. Ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


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